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Tips on How To AC Fan Motor Replacement

ac fan motor cost and replacement
ac fan motor cost and replacement

How to ac fan motor replacement is a major concern for any AC installers. While this may be the first replacement of an ac motor that you have completed, it will not be the last. As a matter of fact, the knowledge that you gain from this article can help you make the most of any maintenance issues with your air conditioner units.

To begin with, take a look at the AC power cord that is connected to your air conditioning unit. You can easily see that there are a lot of small holes drilled on it. This indicates that there is a possibility that the cord has been damaged due to over-exposure to moisture. In such a case, you need to replace it with a new one. Alternatively, you can just look for the cord and insulation and replace it.

Specifications of the AC unit

Secondly, check out the specifications of your AC unit. You should be able to find a model number somewhere on the product. This will give you a reference as to how to replace a motor if you encounter any damage whatsoever. Check that there is a hole there as well, indicating that the new motor will be installed in precisely the same spot.

Turn off the power Ac Fan Motor

Thirdly, turn off the power at your breaker panel and unplug it from the wall. Take a careful look at the three numbers on the contact plate. These numbers will usually indicate 120V AC power. This means that you should be able to replace the ac power cord with the one of the same type. Otherwise, you may require a new ac power plug with the correct voltage.

Fourthly, locate the control panel and make sure that you disconnect it from the wall. You can do this by removing the old AC power cord, if it is attached to the wall. You can then take off the cover of the control panel. It is possible for you to lose some wires here so it is better to get a replacement AC power cord here. Now go through the whole thing again and reconnect everything back to the wall outlets. Finally, insert the screws back into their respective holes and you should be done with your troubleshooting.

How To AC Fan Motor Replacement

How To AC Fan Motor Replacement if the fans stop spinning is a bit trickier than it seems. The first thing that you need to do here is ensure that you have unplugged the power cord completely. Then, you need to locate the power switch. On some models, there is a button that you need to push in order to turn the power switch on and off.

Locate the AC power plug

Once you are done with this step, it is time to locate the AC power plug. This is done similar to how you removed the old ac power cord. You need to use a screwdriver or the wrench to unscrew the screws and remove the plug from its corresponding hole. Once you have the new ac power plug in place, reattach the wires to their terminal screws and then you are done with your troubleshooting.

How to replace a power cord successfully? You will know how to do this job once you get the hang of it. Many consumers have already been able to solve this problem by themselves by following these simple steps. Don’t worry, even if you are not a good at handling complicated things, these simple steps should help you get everything back to normal. It’s not too late for you to find a brand new fan motor for your home cooling system. Find the right one now!

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