rv ac fan motor
RV AC Fan Motor

Tips For Keeping Your RV AC Fan Motor Clean

An RV AC Fan Motor is the heart and soul of an air-conditioned outdoor space. So, it is important to make sure that your fan motor is working properly or even replacing the existing AC unit before you need to replace the fan itself. If you are not familiar with how an air-conditioner works, then it is best to read on this site about the RV AC Fan Motor and how it works.

RV AC fan motor is a ballast type unit

First off, an RV ac fan motor is a ballast type unit. This means that it is designed to replace your normal air conditioning unit. The way that an RV AC Fan Motor works is by pulling hot air from outside and blowing it into the indoor area of your RV. So, replacing an existing AC unit is not as easy as replacing the fan itself. In addition, if you happen to have an older model of this unit, you may find that there may be more work involved in replacing than replacing an RV ac unit.

There are a few different ways that you can diagnose whether or not you need to replace your rv air conditioner motor. The first way to do this is to use a window AC test kit. Most people choose to use the Thermostatic Solutions Thermostatic Pressure Gauge test kit. By using the RV AC fan motor gauge, you can tell whether the unit is working properly and whether you need to replace it or not. This is a good test to do before replacing the air conditioner or it may just give you a warning that the fan motor is going to fail soon.


If you decide that you still want to have your RV AC fan motor, there are two options for you. You could either try to replace it yourself (which can be risky) or you could purchase a new one. Before you go out and purchase a new one, it’s important to note that there are several different kinds to choose from. You will need to know what kind of AC power source your unit uses, the size of the fan motor you have, and even if you have a window AC unit. You should also know if your motor is a replaceable one or not (some come with a limited warranty).

One of the main reasons that an RV AC fan motor will go bad is because of how dirty it is. If your fan is constantly being used, it’s going to get filthy. The motor will need to be cleaned every so often and this can be very difficult to do. Many people who own an RV actually hire someone to come out and do the cleaning. While this may be cheaper than buying a new one, you’ll probably end up spending more on repairs.

An easy way to keep your fan from going bad is to purchase an ac capacitor cleaning kit. These are typically fairly inexpensive and they’re worth buying if you want to avoid having to deal with a broken down fan in the near future. An ac capacitor is the thing that actually cools down your fan, which means that if it gets too dirty, it could potentially ruin the performance of your motor. So by purchasing one of these ac capacitor cleaning kits, you can save yourself from having to purchase a new one.

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