My AC Fan Not Turning On

ac fan motor not turning on
ac fan motor not turning on

If you’re trying to cool off your home and the ac fan not working, there are a few things that might be causing this. In most cases it is an electrical problem, but that is seldom the case in homes with central air conditioning systems installed. Sometimes a fuse has been blown or a wire has come loose and caused the unit to not turn on correctly.

Manufacturing defect

Sometimes the fans are just ac fan not working because of a manufacturing defect. One of the best places to start is by checking the manufacturer’s warranty for the fan. If it is not covered by the warranty, it will need to be purchased at a local retail store and replaced. While this can be a bit expensive some people have to have their fans replaced anyways because they are old and beyond service. If the warranty on the fan is still in effect then you might want to consider just skipping the fan and buying a brand new one. It may cost a little more, but you’ll end up with a working unit.

The other possible reason why your air conditioning system isn’t working is that the fan motor is bad. There are certain models of air conditioning systems that use a PLC fan to control the speed of the fan. They can be very noisy and clunky, but they can also do more than just regulate the temperature of the air inside your house. Some models also have a window or door switch that can be used to flip the fan on or off from a remote control.

The fan may be too damaged

Sometimes the fan motor is simply not working because the wires to it have become frayed over time. You can often times get these kinds of fans at a really cheap price when you buy them online. Before you buy a new fan, make sure that all the wires are in good, usable condition. If the wires look like they’re about to burn out or they look like they’re plugged together then you should probably buy a replacement of fan instead of trying to fiddle with the wires yourself. The fan may still not turn on at all if the wires are too damaged.

Sometimes the fan itself can be plugged into a circuit breaker somewhere inside your home. In this case, the fan itself might be the problem. In order to find out if this is the case with your AC fan not turning on , you can check to see if there is a rating difference between the fan itself and the circuit breaker. If there is a rating difference, the fan is probably too old for your AC system.

If your a ac fan not turning on is due to something like the above, the best thing you can do is call an ac repair company. These companies are experts at repairing electrical equipment and most likely have the tools necessary to fix your fan. If they cannot fix the problem, they can probably replace the fan for you. Call your local AC repair company as soon as possible!

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