How to Repair Your AC Condenser Fan Motor

Is your AC Condenser Fan Not Turning On ? If your air conditioner’s fan is not working properly or is under performing, it could be due to several factors. For an air conditioning system, the fan motor is used primarily to reject cool air from outside the house. For a heat pump, both the fan and the compressor reject warm air from the house and pulls this warm air through the heat exchanger coil into the compressor coil for storage.

Motor failing to turn on

There are certain times when the air conditioner will fail and a maintenance check is needed, such as on an unusually hot or cold day. This is when it is important to know what kind of AC condenser motor repair is needed. One common problem in this situation is the motor failing to turn on. When this happens, it is imperative to know what the problem is before calling a local repair service. The best way to determine what problem the unit is experiencing is to have the conditioner idenitted.

A failed or worn out AC condenser motor usually happens because there is something wrong with one of the components, usually the blade or condensing unit. The blade is a very large part that houses copper coils. These copper coils are where the AC condenses water in order to cool it down. Over time, some of these coils can develop damage. The wear and tear will either allow the blades to be retracted into the evaporator or the entire condensing coil assembly could fall out.

If your outdoor unit uses a blower, this could be the cause as well

The blower often becomes dirty and clogged with debris, which causes the unit to work harder than normal to cool the outdoor area of your home. In many cases, this overheating issue can also lead to a failing or broken AC condenser motor. In addition, having a low wattage rating on the blower can also cause your unit to overheat, leading to a faulty blower. If you suspect that your unit has either of these issues or a combination of both issues, it is important to contact a local repair company.

Inability to turn on or off in certain situations

Another common problem experienced by AC condenser fans is the inability to turn on or off in certain situations, such as when the weather is very cold or very hot. If your unit seems to not turn on automatically, regardless of the temperature outside, it is important to first check the fan motors components. Often times the wires or terminals will need to be replaced in addition to checking the motor itself for damage. Turning on the unit and then testing it in a protected area such as an open garage will reveal any problems the unit may have. If the problem cannot be resolved after checking components, replacing the unit with a new one may be needed. Before calling a technician to come out and change the components, try keeping the unit in a partially defrost mode, which will help to prevent damage and unintended heating or cooling.

How to repair your AC condenser fan motor

Some homeowners prefer to repair their AC condenser units rather than replace them, which can be a good choice. If you decide to attempt to repair your unit yourself, be sure to take the proper safety precautions. Always unplug your system before taking it apart, and be sure to always use proper safety techniques when working with any type of electricity, even when working with the type of electrical components that most homeowners are familiar with. It is possible to repair most types of fan motors, but it is usually best to contact a qualified heating and air conditioning specialist in your area to ensure the repair is done right.

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