How to Check If Your AC Fan Motor Is Defective

how to check ac fan motor
how to check ac fan motor

AC fan motor problems can cause your home’s air conditioning unit to function less than it should. If you have an old or damaged fan motor, it could be causing your unit to shut off at unexpected times or not cooling the room properly. While it can be tempting to throw away a used fan motor and buy a brand new replacement, this could prove to be a mistake. You need to know how to check if a unit is bad before you throw away your money.

Turn the power off at the breaker box

Before you try to replace the motor, make sure to turn the power off at the breaker box first. It is also a good idea to turn off the electricity at your home’s main breaker box as well. It is best if you can isolate the part of the room that the fan motor is located in. If you cannot do this, unplug the power at all from the area and call a professional for help. You may find that the problem is better than just replacing the fan motor. If you are able to fix the problem yourself, it is better to spend a few dollars buying a new one than buying a cheap one that will not work right.

How to check if a motor is bad

depends on where the ac unit is located. If the motor is bad in your attic, the most obvious place to check is the brushes. The brushes are the moving parts of the motor. If they are dirty, then you should probably clean them. You can use a damp cloth or vacuum to clean them.

Air filter

The air filter is another place to check. Many people believe that cleaning the air filter is too complicated. However, it is actually quite simple. Just follow some of these basic steps and you should be able to clean it easily. First, remove the AC unit from its packaging. It usually comes with an installation manual, just read through it and follow the simple instructions.

Now you need to access the motor assembly. If the fan has been assembled correctly, you will see several wires, clips, screws and bearings. You need to look carefully at the screws and bolts to make sure that all parts are properly attached. If some of the screws or bolts are loose, replace them so that you can try another one.

Check the AC unit’s temperature setting

You now need to open the package again. Check the AC unit ‘s temperature setting and its speed. It is a good idea to run the unit at its full speed to check its efficiency. If the motor speed is too fast, it wastes energy and it also affects the condition of the other components of your AC unit.

Check the ac motor

The last step in checking the ac motor is to turn on the power at your AC unit and test it. Make sure that the AC unit is turned on completely and that no one is in your house. Turn the fan switch on and see if it works properly. If you find that the switch does not work, chances are that your fan motor is defective. Hence, you need to contact the manufacturer and fix the problem immediately.

If all the checks mentioned above worked successfully, you can already install your AC unit. As a safety measure, you must always turn off the power before testing it. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the electrical components of your AC unit. If everything goes well, you can already enjoy your smooth and comfortable summer season.

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