How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your AC Fan Motor?

An ac fan motor looks much like an ordinary fan motor. They are a type of condensing or centrifugal, fan that has been adapted for use in air-conditioning systems. The air-conditioning fan draws air from inside the building and blows it into the room. It is used for circulating cool air in a room and drawing hot air out. The motor takes the air from one side of the room to another, spreading the cooling air over a larger area than just one room.

Air conditioning unit

The air conditioning unit is mounted on a large drum or a condenser, and the ac fan motor is installed at the end of this drum or condenser. The motor spins an AC compressor or condenser to create the cold air into a usable temperature. The AC compressor or condenser is generally made up of a number of copper coils wound around a single magnet, hence the name ‘condenser’. The unit can have as many as sixty coils in it. Most AC compressors have at least one pre-installed variable capacitor bank, the purpose of which is to regulate the amount of energy input into the system and to minimize any changes in the temperatures of the air-conditioned rooms.

Cooling unit clean

One other important thing about AC motor repair is to make sure that you keep the cooling unit clean. You should take care not to let any dust accumulate in the AC unit, since this can affect its operation and result in increased cost. Regular cleaning of your air conditioning unit will help you prolong its life. Also, make sure that you change the filters of your AC unit regularly. If you do not change the filters, you might end up with more dirt in your air conditioning unit than you started with.

While checking out your AC fan motor, you should also be looking out for any crack or other damage in your circuit breaker or the condenser unit. This often results in an overload of power flowing through the circuits, resulting in high temperatures inside the air conditioner. If your air conditioner was not working properly, then the chances are that the AC motor has developed some fault. Similarly, if the condenser unit has developed some damage, the chances are that your AC unit might have developed some fault as well.

So, when it comes to AC compressor replacement, make sure that the air conditioning unit is in proper working condition and that you have replaced the parts mentioned above. Have a look at the AC motor that is faulty, and then follow the repair procedure mentioned above. You could always ask the help of professionals for making any kind of repairs in your AC fan motor. They would be able to fix the AC motor properly and thereby reduce the chances of further damage being caused.

Other problems with your AC compressor

In case, if you have made all the right choices and have replaced the damaged components in your AC fan motor, but your AC system still sounds rattling or if you still hear loud noises from your AC, then there could be other problems with your AC compressor. For instance, there could be a loose connection in one of the AC motor blades. It is not a very complicated procedure and can be done by anyone who knows what they are doing. But it would be better to take the help of professionals who are experienced with replacing rattling AC parts.

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