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Common Noise in AC Fan Motor Units

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If you are looking to cool your home or office this summer, the addition of an ac fan motor may be just the thing you need. AC fans are used throughout many different types of buildings, both privately and in large offices. The main function they perform is to cool air by forcing it through a small opening or by cooling a large room quickly. These fans can also help to circulate the heat, so they may be needed in high end offices or homes where a traditional evaporative cooling system is not feasible. They can also be quite energy efficient when used to cool multiple units at once.


One of the most common uses for an ac motor replacement is for an air conditioning unit to replace an existing, faulty, or worn-out unit. The new unit is simply installed over the old one. It must be determined, however, that a new system must come with a warranty before installation. The condition of the compressor must also be carefully examined before purchase, and air conditioning repair should be sought immediately if it appears to be damaged. An ac repair service should be considered if the compressor appears to be damaged.

Rattling sounds coming from your air conditioning unit could indicate a problem somewhere else. One example would be a fan motor that has become clogged with debris. Clogged filters could indicate dirty air filters or the beginnings of a filter repair job. If this problem is ignored, it could result in the failure of your entire system.

The presence of noise when operating your fan motor could indicate a more serious problem such as a broken belt. When this occurs, the fan blades will no longer rotate freely, and the speed may become impossible to operate properly. More likely, a broken belt is the culprit behind the rattling sounds. Replacing the belt is usually a simple process, and can be done without professional assistance.

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If the blades on your have become damaged or broken, replacing them is a very simple process. Again, before purchasing replacement blades, it is important to examine the existing ones for damage. This is often best done by a professional because replacing the blades without proper care and safety poses a huge risk. This is especially true if the damage is apparent on one side of the fan blades.

Other possible causes of noise coming from your unit could be the conditioner itself. As age develops, the unit’s efficiency decreases. Additionally, dust and other materials can build up and cause friction between the moving parts of your unit and the conditioner. This can quickly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and result in excessive noise coming from your unit.


If your unit is currently under warranty, and you are hearing an abnormal noise coming from your unit, having your warranty work with the manufacturer to repair or replace your unit is the best course of action. However, if you cannot afford to purchase a new unit, you can attempt to repair or replace the unit yourself. First, you will need to make sure that your condenser and unit are not leaking and causing the noise.

If the noise still persists, you may want to have your ac unit serviced to find out if there is a more serious issue causing the noise. Some common problems that can cause excessive noise from your working fan motor include: worn bearings, clogged air filters or dirty blower disks. Your condenser and blower disk may also be dirty or clogged, causing your unit to work harder than it should. In these cases, it is best to consult your local HVAC technician for assistance.

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