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An AC Fan Motor Replacement – Replacing the AC Condenser Fan Motors in Your Air Conditioning System

ac fan motor replacement

AC Fan Motor Replacement is not always necessary. However, if you are experiencing constant issues with your air conditioner, then it may be time to replace your existing AC cooling fan. The conditioner’s efficiency decreases over time due to dust build-up and other issues. If this continues, then it may be time to replace the air conditioner

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your AC Fan Motor?

On average, new AC fan motor replacement costs around $ 450 and a new capacitor installation may cost anywhere from $150 to $300. If you’re conducting an AC cap repair, then the cost is closer to $ 135. So you can see how much the replacement will cost over the life of your unit. Of course, you’ll also need to consider the cost of installation, which could be another two or three hundred dollars or more depending on the specific brand that you have and the size of the unit.

If your existing AC fan motor replacement needs to be made with a different type of bus air compressor then you may find the cost is more or less the same. Just remember that most manufactures’ AC bus air compressors have different sized compressors. It would be best to contact the manufacturer of your brand of bus air compressor for the specific model that you have. Most manufacturers have their own website where they post information about their products. You can also contact their customer service department if you want to send them your AC bus air compressor model number for replacement.

The price for AC bus air conditioner and fan motor installation depends on the brand of AC unit that you have as well as the size of the fan motor that you need. In some cases, if the AC unit that you have is more than 10 years old then it will almost always be more expensive to replace the whole unit. However, if you don’t have an AC unit that is that old then you can save by just replacing the old fan motor with one that is much smaller in size. The smaller unit will cost less to purchase, but it will still be cheaper to install than buying a new one. It’s not always the most expensive option either, because older air conditioning units are usually still very reliable and efficient.

Two main options when considering AC fan motor replacement

You should have at least one complete size AC fan motor and condenser fan in your basement or garage already. Most people who have an air conditioning system don’t even realize that it is an air conditioner. Your system actually uses a combination of cooling fans and compressors to keep your room cool. The most important part of your system is the air conditioning bus air compressor, which you use to power all of the components of the conditioning system.

Different types of air conditioners

There are several different types of air conditioners including forced air and window type. Most AC fans are powered by a 12 volt bus air compressor, which powers a series of fans that move air through your home. There are two types of bus air compressors which include the vertical and horizontal type. Your AC cooling fan motors will need to be compatible with the particular model of air conditioner that you have, so be sure to check before you buy your replacement fan motors.

If you decide to replace your existing AC motor, then you will need to take one more step. You need to locate the defective AC condenser fan motor that you removed in the previous step and make sure that you get a matching replacement for it. One thing that you want to be careful of is to make sure that the replacement AC condenser fan motor is also compatible with the other appliances in your home. Otherwise, your new installed motor may damage some of your other appliances.

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