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Hi, all, recently replaced my AC condenser unit with a brand new direct replaceable fan motor from AC Delco. The replacement fan has been installed and works great, although I did make a couple of tips and suggestions while out shopping for the replacement fan. Here goes…have you heard about air compression? Well, air compression is the way you store energy in a motor to produce more energy. You do this by using fans.

How does air compressors work?

The air compressor works by drawing in cool air from outside, like a fridge, and compressing it into a cool, moist, liquid like gas. The pump turns this gaseous liquid into a high voltage alternating current (hence the name alternating current). This electrical charge can be used to power a motor that is usually mounted on the roof or on the ground. The two types of motors I’ve seen most frequently are the vertical and the horizontal axis motors.

AC Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

Your vehicle’s original air conditioning system supplies AC power to the fan motor. To change the actual AC condenser Fan Motor Replacement , you need to take your vehicle and disassemble it. You will need to unplug the engine and get under the hood to access the AC compressor. There you will find the black box (sometimes called the brain of the AC motor) and a rectangular shaped AC condenser. It is a simple affair to remove the condenser from the AC motor and replace it with the fan motor.

Now that you’ve got the AC motor out of the way, it’s time to reassemble the ac condenser. The first thing you need to do is disconnect the battery cable. Then remove the gasket from around the motor. The gasket is held on by an O-ring. Take all of the screws off and discard them, then you can disconnect the fan motor completely.

AC Unit

Unfasten the wiring harness from the fan motor and attach it to the corresponding terminal on the AC unit. There are three wires; one goes to the starter motor and one to the rear side of the ac compressor. The third wire goes to the shut off switch. Once you have these wires in place, you can reassemble the fan motor assembly.

You need to start by removing the gasket from around the motor. This allows you to gain access to the motor housing. There will be a couple of screws holding the condenser on the motor assembly. Unhook the screws and remove the motor. The gasket will need to be pried open a little bit to gain access to the motor housing. If you are not sure how to do this, you may want to use a pair of fine tooth pliers to do the job.


Once the gasket is removed, you will be able to see the wires that are connected with the condenser. They will be white, so you will need to make sure that you have access to them when you are working. You will need to remove the screws and remove the metal clips that hold down the condenser too.

Once you have the screws removed, you can access the wires and disconnect them. Put everything back together and reinstall the screws that were taken out earlier. Reconnect the wires and put everything back together. Make sure that you secure all screws tightly and restart your fan. Turn on the AC and test it to ensure that it is running properly.

If you find that your AC condenser is smoking or is very noisy when you run the fan, it may be time for an AC condenser motor replacement. You may have to replace the entire condenser, but if you have a large model, it is usually a simple replacement. Take out the blower and clean it carefully. If the problem is the solenoid, you will need to take out the diaphragm first.

With your ac condenser fan motor replacement completed, you will need to reconnect the wires to the new condenser. Reconnect the wires using the long screws provided with the replacement. Replace the blower, making sure to check for any leaks. Use caulk to seal the gap between the two pieces.

Put everything back together and test it to ensure that it is running correctly. If you feel that there is any trouble, call in an AC motor repair specialist. It may be an expensive repair, but one that you don’t want to ignore. When you are ready for the replacement, have your AC compressor checked out to make sure that you are not having a fan motor problem that can potentially cost you more money than the AC was.

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