A Step by Step Guide to AC Condenser Fan Motor Replacement

If you notice that your newly installed AC condensing unit is very noisy or even smoking, then it might be time to have an AC condicator motor replacement. Of course, you could always just replace the whole condensing unit, but if you own a big model, then it’s most likely an easy one-step replacement. The first thing you will need to do is check to make sure the power source is working correctly. You will also need to turn off the power, open the main panel of the air conditioner and remove the old ac condenser fan from the inside of the unit. Be sure to follow all the instructions on the appliance box.

AC condenser fan motor replacement

Once you have made sure everything is turned back on and the ac condenser fan motor replacement has been completed, you can then take apart the two screws that were used to fasten the fan to the front. You can either use pliers to do this or a flat head screwdriver. Once you have removed these screws, then you can remove the old fan and install the new one.

After putting the screws back in place, you will then need to check to see if the gasket has been damaged. If so, then you will simply need to replace the gasket that is located beneath the aluminum frame of the condensing unit. Then, you will need to secure the AC condensing unit to the wall with the screws that were provided with the replacement fan motor. In order to do this properly, you will need to use some sort of adhesive. Just make sure that it dries quickly because you do not want to glue the gasket to the wall while it is still tacky.

Next, take out the old fan motor that was located above the gasket. Once you have taken out the motor, then you will need to locate the two wires that were attached to the motor. These wires will be blue, black, and white. Once you have located these wires, then you can simply match the wires to their corresponding receptacles on the new AC Condenser Fan Motor Replacement. Then, you will simply need to reconnect the wires.

Finally, you can then take off the cover of the AC Condenser Fan Motor Replacement . Once you have taken off the cover, then you will be ready to install the replacement motor. As previously stated, you should use a screwdriver. However, prior to doing this, you should make sure that all of the covers on the condensing unit are loose. This is because when you remove the old motor from the gasket, there may be some areas that are glued to the cover.

Clean them

If you notice areas that are sticking out of the old gasket, then you will want to clean them with something such as rubbing alcohol or household cleaners. The gasket will need to be somewhat tight. However, you should not tighten it completely yet. Once you have completed these steps, then you can continue to install the ac replacement motor. You will first want to secure the support brackets under the condensing unit. Then, you should place the motor inside the gasket and secure it with the appropriate screws.

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