5 Common AC Fan Motor Not Working Symptoms

It is very important to find the reason why your ac unit isn’t running properly. You could have just bought it but there are possible causes for a not so good performance. If your problem is something with your air conditioner condenser or maybe its fan motor, then this article will teach you how to check and fix it. Check the following things first before assuming that your problem is with your ac unit. Your problem could be a simple one or it could be complicated, in which case you should contact an AC repair company right away.

Tripped breaker

One possible cause of your unit not working is a tripped breaker or fuse. The circuit breaker for your unit usually tripped once when it senses something hot. The fuse blows and usually the hot air is replaced by steam if your system uses a condensate pump. This is not a big issue unless you have a dual-exhaust system with a carburetor. If this is the case, a condensate pump can overheat and cause your engine to seep fuel into the carburetor.

Loose wiring connection

Another possible cause of your unit not working is a loose wiring connection. The wires that are attached to the motor are often covered by a plastic shield. This makes it very hard to see the wires and the connection, and sometimes you just cannot reach it. If this is the case, you can use a wire stripper or a very sharp knife to remove the plastic shield. The loose wiring may also be caused by a blown gasket, melted gasket seals, or bad fitting gaskets.

Bad wiring

The last possible reason for your ac fan motor not working properly is bad wiring. Most AC and coolant pumps utilize a 12-volt power source and most fan motors use a 12-volt power source. If your AC motor is losing its power to the pump, it could be caused by poor wiring on your air conditioning unit. In this case, you need to replace the motor, check the wiring connection, and then replace the AC blower and duct system as well.

Some fans use aluminum or stainless steel air flow regulators. In order to ensure proper cooling, these air flow regulators must be in good working condition. If the air flow regulators are not working properly, your AC may not run very efficiently or will overheat and wear out quickly. If your AC is still under warranty and you cannot return it because it is not repairable, you may need to have the air flow regulators replaced.

Other possible causes of your ac fan motor not working are dirty or clogged air filters or blowers, damaged fan wiring, low amperage air filters or blowers, and damaged air filter/blower seals. Damaged air filters or blowers could cause your AC to overheat and work inefficiently. Low amperage air filters and blowers could prevent the efficient cooling of your AC. You may also need to replace the air filter if the one that came with your AC has become defective.

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